Publishing in the classroom through iBooks -
This form of publishing takes little effort. You can do it without worrying about FERPA or issues of student privacy, because the information is not being published anywhere publicly. It can be done several ways. You can have the students publish to a Dropbox account and then they can easily access all books from all devices attached to that same dropbox account. You can sync the devices to a computer and then collect and share all of the books through iTunes.

Kindle Direct Publishing -
Publishing with Amazon is one of the easiest of all e-book publishers available. You can visit Kindle DIrect Publishing (KDP) and create your account to start publishing. Like iTunes, Kindle publishes to countries all over the world, allowing you to become a worldwide e- book seller.

While publishing on the KDP platform, you can easily upload new titles with very little effort. KDP, in my opinion is the best place to start. You will definitely find it fulfilling and get the bug to do it again. If you are a teacher and are trying this with your students, I guarantee some of them will find this opportunity very fulfilling! You may make some publishers this year!

With Kindle, you do not need an ISBN, which will save you a few dollars. If you have macs as a resource for publishing, you will find this effort will probably only cause you time and effort. Money may not even come into play at all. Revising with KDP is only a few clicks and will make for a painless process.

iTunes -
Publishing with iTunes is a free opportunity and can be done alone or with an aggregator. Using the later will incur publishing fees, but will get you the right format for publishing. I should add though, that you can do this yourself if you put some effort into it.

To publish your book for cost in iTunes, you will need an ISBN number for your book. This is a number identifier for published books like you see barcodes on grocery store items. With this number you can publish anywhere in the world. The cost for an ISBN is $125. If you are publishing free books you do not need an ISBN number.

You should also strongly consider getting your book copyrighted. There is a great site that explains this in detail and will help guide you through the process.

Once you have these items taken care of, you can go sign up for an account here. After signing up, go to iTunes Connect and log into your new account. Once you log in it will prompt you to download iTunes Producer. You will need to download this to publish to iTunes. All of the information and tutorials are in iTunes Connect.

When in iTunes Connect, uploading your e- book, you will be prompted to provide pictures, a title photo, a description and other items. Some of the items are confusing to those who haven't published before and may make you squeamish and want to abandon the process. Stick with it. If you don’t know what something is, google it. If the google searches result in more confusion... make your best guess. Don’t give up.

Smashwords -
Publishing to places like SmashWords and other publishing companies are almost as painless as Amazon. Although these locations may not yield as many purchases, it does help to get your name out and into the search engines with these smaller players in the market. Don’t overlook them.

**Student Treasures Publishing** - Publish a hard bound book with only hand drawn pictures and hand written works. Although this is a low tech way to publish, it highlights the moment in time where they are with handwriting, spelling and creativity.


Printing Options for eBook Making Apps